Podcast Season 1. Q2 2021

Fußball – a culture episode

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Today I would like to share some insights and memories from my childhood in Germany. Even though I am not the greatest football fan today, I still loved playing football with my friends after school.

Flensburg beach trip

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Flensburg is the most northern city in Germany, residing on the eastern coast. From the harbour, you can see Denmark only 2 km away.

Join us in this episode and hear Michael meet up with a friend to explore this amazing city.

Kirchenglocken – a culture episode

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Church bells can be heard regularly throughout Germany, on every hour, half hour and and even sometimes every quarter hour!

In this episode we follow Jonas on his first few days of moving to Hamburg. Join us and hear more about this wonderfully green city.

Hiking in Lüneburger Heide

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Lüneburger Heide is a purple landscape, carpeted in the heather plant. Set in Northern Germany, it is a beautiful area to explore for hikers and cyclists.

Sonntag – a culture episode

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In Germany, Sundays are the day of rest, also called ‘Ruhezeit’.
The precious day of Sunday is usually enjoyed with nature walks, bakery visits and quality time with friends and family.
Join Jan in this episode to hear how he spends his Sunday in Köln.

Old city Trier

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Following our adventures along the Mosel River, we stop in Trier. An ancient Roman city with iconic landmarks such as the ‘Porta Nigra’.

Marzipan – a culture episode

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Following our episode in Lübeck, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to tell you about the much loved sweet treat. Marzipan has been made in Lübeck since 1806 and has a long history with royalty. Find our recipe to make Marzipan too!

Walking through Lübeck

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Join us on a trip to Lübeck with Emma. Where We shall be hearing about the Holstentor, the River Trave and small secretive passages.

Wegfahren – a culture episode

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This week we shall be hearing a story about Lena and Finn from Berlin. We will follow them on a few adventures and learn about how they get from A to B.

The Mosel river

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Follow us on a trip to the river Mosel with Johanna. The river winds its way from France to Germany through towns and vineyards. But what else is there to discover next to good wine?