Explore Germany through Taste!

Food says so much about a culture!  Not just what we eat, but where we eat it and how we share it. 

While you learn the language, why not try a few recipes in German. (Sounds overwhelming? Don’t worry, we have an English version too!).

  • Kürbissuppe
    As the weather cools down and the thicker jumpers come out; Pumpkin Soup is a perfect hearty meal to help you warm up.
  • How to make Marzipan
    Marzipan is a well-known sweet eaten all over the world, but especially loved in Germany. Niederegger confectionery has been famously making marzipan in Lübeck since 1806.
  • Spargel Flammkuchen
    White asparagus is not everyones’ cup of tea, however we’ve found a fool proof recipe that the whole family will love. Even the Spargel haters!
  • Mohnkuchen
    Mohnkuchen is the ultimate poppy seed bake! Poppy seeds can be bought in every bakery throughout Germany, blended into many different recipes; from Mohnschnecken (poppyseed snails) to Mohnbrötchen (poppyseed bread rolls)!
  • Kartoffelknoedel
    A well-beloved Traditional side dish; Kartoffelknödel or Kartoffelklöße are a Southern German speciality. Join us & learn German better by cooking with us!
  • ‘Osterzopf’ Braided Easter Bread
    A sweet Easter bread that can be topped with nuts, fruits or chocolate. This is the classic recipe, eaten and enjoyed over the Easter weekend throughout Germany.